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Compliance Consulting


Compliance Consulting

SNAP Global advises clients on the most current compliance initiatives developed by U.S. Customs for the trade community and assists them in evaluating current trade compliance levels. We can help you develop and implement plans to improve your company’s trade compliance with national and international security initiatives, as well as regulations pertaining to specific goods.

Many clients need detailed manuals to ensure that employees know the requirements of customs authorities and other governmental agencies in various countries. We can help in the development of customs compliance manuals to educate employees and decrease the risk of fines and punitive damages.

Most countries work under a complex mix of approvals, permits, and restrictions surrounding import and export processes. We work closely with many government agencies internationally to understand these processes and advise clients how to move goods as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our compliance consulting services include:

Compliance assessments

Information regarding security initiatives

Compliance planning and implementation

Customs compliance manuals

Documentation & record requirements

Tariff Consulting

We have vast experience with proper classification, value declaration, duty management, and ruling and dispute management. Our clients receive the most up-to-date information regarding frequent changes to these regulations and advice on how their business may be affected.

Our international expertise extends beyond mitigating risk to develop a comprehensive understanding of the trade regulations impacting your business. The result is often a competitive trade advantage for our clients due to the ability to quickly adapt to new regulations.

We help you design your business processes so that your company can adapt to changing regulations and tariffs with ease. In a rapidly evolving international trade landscape, we can position your business for success.

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