As an International Trade Consulting company, our main aim in the international market is to become the most efficient and reliable launch pad of trade between the developing and developed economies of the world.

We aid transactions by providing quality trade consulting services and arrangements that evolves into long-term business alliances from which benefits our clients.

SNAP Global Inc other functions include Cargo Insurance, Import-Export outsourcing service as well as logistics management.

Our expertise in international trade consulting helps companies, public sector enterprises and government in both developed and developing countries to establish new trade arenas.

Our services are spread into wide vertical and line of businesses from raw material to I.T. products and steel tubes to automobiles.

Main products of consulting are automobiles and spare parts, household electrical appliance, electric products, metal products, mineral products, drugs and pharmaceutical raw materials, chemical products, garments, textile raw materials, bedding pieces, feather and down products, toys, stationery and sports goods, native and by-animal products, drawnwork and embroideries, bags and suitcases, hats and shoes, gloves, the four treasures of the study, special arts and crafts, grass, bamboo and wicker woven products, etc.